Kuhlman Bulk Materials Facility

Rail Billing Address

444 Kuhlman Drive Toledo, OH 43609

Our bulk materials storage facility is on the Maumee River in the Port of Toledo. This is one of the biggest, most accessible and best organized bulk material warehouses on the Great Lakes for fertilizers, road salt, aggregates, and agricultural products.

KBMF specialize in bulk materials which come in via self-unloading ships or multiple/single railcars; outbound shipments typically depart via truck or rail. On the site, a huge warehouse is designed to provide complete protection for more than 100,000 tons of material. Segregated storage areas and a sophisticated conveyor system assure secure material storage. Seven acres of hard-surfaced outdoor storage are also available.

We have our own rail system, with direct connections to several railroad systems. We also benefit from direct access to Interstate 75.

  1. Self unloading vessels 
  2. Emphasis on agricultural products 
  3. Bulk Storage 
  4. Vessel into building 
  5. Load Rail From building 
  6. Concrete pad for storage
  7. Close proximity to Interstate 75 and the Ohio Turnpike 80/90
  8. NS siding E04
  9. Truck:  150,000 lb gross weight, Michigan Heavy Haul Route
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